Serious Web Weaving

We are a small but active team that loves new technologies and the possibilities that they provide to work and advertising.

We aim to use these technologies so that there is an integrated effect on your online presence.


Personal / Business websites

Lane Collage

Whether it’s your personal or business website, we will recommend the best solutions for you.

We assess your needs and recommend only what your website really needs to serve your goals.

We are here to help you implement your idea, no matter how big or small it is. You put the idea…

We will use the most modern content management systems in order to achieve a unified aesthetic result and flawless operation of your website.

Peak Store


E-commerce websites / E-Shops

We create e-commerce websites using the most modern e-commerce systems.

After studying your e-business goals and recording your real needs, we will recommend you the best e-commerce system, based on your real and specific needs.


Social Networking websites

Valley Of Tempi (Koilada ton Tempon)

We create social networking websites (Social Networking) using and combining the newest technologies of the time.

You can choose to create an entire social media page or integrate your social networking system into your new website.



Electronic Learning systems

Take advantage of new technologies to give your students the best possible learning experience.

We will recommend you the appropriate electronic learning system (E-Learning) so that your business stands out from the rest.

Give your students the ability to have access to all your training material at any time of the day, submit their work electronically, practice the material of each course, create communities and collaborative groups, exchange opinions, questions and concerns and socialize with social networking tools.